what happened to all the average looking people in the world. i mean damn. does everyone just love themselves that much or is the world that beautiful now? did i miss the meeting? im fuckin shook. idgi if everyone is slaying and everyone is fire and everyone has a fuckin photographer...idk. im just jealous because i suck at getting aesthetic attention. i dont wanna fucking practice either. 


current mood: crying over spilled milk due to immense frustration and feeling the need to set the whole fucking pasture on fire 

Welcome to Forever

Hey! To everyone out there who's a fan, friend, family or whomever else might be reading –– this blog is my outlet to tell you a little more about the things that lift my spirits, inspire me, thoughts I have and my disdain for proper usage of the comma. 

i apologize to anyone that was responsible for teaching me how to be a grammatically correct writer now. 

This blog is going to take you through my journey as a musician, artist, designer, collective founder, engineer, intern and all that other shit I'm supposed to be responsible for on a daily basis. and most importantly it will hopefully provide a way out of the monotonous rut that is, as ric like's to call it, "my endless summer" 

So as I say in the title – Welcome To Forever. I'm excited to share my life with you in the only way I truly feel comfortable; in writing. 

peace. love. Empathy

~ Jordan Garrett